The BEST putting tool you can use.  PERIOD!  

Do You Want To Make More Putts?

This is the golf club alignment system

that will take your game

to a new level!

1 Pointer System

The original Train Your Aim....aligns club face to target.  Arrow is fully adjustable and can be placed in the middle, heel or toe of the club attaching to all putters.



2 Pointer System

Train Your Aim 2 frames the golf ball and gives you the line and sight you need to aim the putter face at your target line




Check your alignment on all clubs

Train Your Aim universally attaches to all shafts.  Therefore, you can see where your club face is pointing at address and impact.  If the club face is off by a degree or two at impact your ball will be yards off center when it lands.  


Train You Aim



Struggling to make short putts?  Missing left and right? Then you must try Train Your Aim alignment device!


Train Your Aim and Train Your Aim 2 are designed for you to make more putts from 6 feet and under. That is where you score and lower your handicap.


Nothing in golf makes you feel better than making a putt for birdie or saving par and nothing is worse than missing a short putt.  Train Your Aim aligns the club face to the hole and with short putts that is what you need.  Train Your Aim 1 or 2  will help you make more and more 3 and 4 footers time and time again.  Gain confidence and start rolling them in!


This is how Train Your Aim improves Your game!

  • Aligns putter face to target line
  • Train Your Aim 2 Frames the ball for great visual feedback
  • Places golfers eyes over the ball
  • Golfer will see if they are pushing or pulling the putts
  • Immediate visual feedback where putter faces at impact
  • Prevents deceleration through the putting stroke
  • Easy to attach to the putter.
  • For right and left handers.
  • Lightweight and adjustable for all putters
  • Simple, sleek and shot saving device!

Great for golfers of all ages and skills who want to improve their game – Train Your Aim.



Once attached you do not need to keep picking up training aid and re-aligning like so many other popular putting aids.  It stays on the putter and all you have to do is set the putter behind the ball and away you go.



Buy Train Your Aim today and start making more putts!  

1 Pointer is $9.99  


Train You Aim

Two Pointer system frames ball and makes it even easier to align clubface to the target!                                     



Special Two Pack 



Buy Train Your Aim 1 Pointer and 2 Pointer double pack for 




Combo Pack


ENDORSED by 2003 Open de France European Tour winner and recent Senior Tour winner Phil Golding!  Phil says,

“Train Your Aim is a very simple but effective way to train your eyes to actually line up to your aim point.  Train with it off the course so you can trust it when you play and consistently hole more putts!  I use Train Your Aim before I play in tournaments.”

Train You Aim


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